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If you’re looking to get more from life, read on. This could be just your thing. Maybe you’re asking questions like “How did I end up here?” or “Is there really nothing more?”. Perhaps you’re on a journey, looking for a bit of help with improving an area (or several) of your life.
I know how valuable good advice, inspiring stories and strong relationships can be in helping us make changes in our lives. And so, Full Fat Living is here.
Full Fat Living is born out of a simple idea. It is born out of an addiction. It is born out of a desire for more. The idea is this: life is amazing.
Full Fat Living is here because life is amazing. I want more of it, and I want more of it for you too.
So many of us spend our days, months and years bumbling along waiting for life to happen to us. We sit back and let the world wash over us. We wait for permission. We give away our option to choose.
And that really is the point – although most of us don’t actually do this, we are all able to choose the life we want to live. We’re often sold a story of hopeless living, of doom and gloom, and of inevitability. I don’t know about you, but I have had enough of that.
Full Fat Living is a place to ask the question: How can I live my life well? It’s a place to work out what it looks like to choose the life you want.
This is a place where any question is ok. Nothing is too basic, or too complicated. Nothing is too messy, and nothing is hopeless. This is a place where you’ll uncover some answers, find some ideas and learn about things that work. This is a place where we’ll see things change.
If you’re looking for everything to be handed to you on a plate, quick fixes or an easy ride I suggest you head over to Google and try somewhere else. There are plenty of other people claiming to offer that. You will not find any “one-size-fits-all” solutions here. I have no magic beans or “instant-results” remedies.
What I can promise is an open mind and a genuine pursuit of life, of fulfilment and of freedom. If you are trying to work out how to live life fully, to reach your potential or to make a dent in the universe, stick around, you’re in good company.
To get the most out of Full Fat Living I’d encourage you to dive right in. Don’t be shy – get involved. Leave comments, ask me to e-mail you (you can use the little box on the right), join me on twitter, ping me an e-mail. Share your thoughts, your ideas and your experiences. Share your story, and share in mine too.

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