What if…?

With the new year fast approaching, amongst the planning and scheming I’ve been doing a bit of free writing. Whilst thinking and dreaming about the coming year, I found my fingers writing the following few verses. I’m feeling challenged to put down my excuses and barriers this coming year. I’m keen to keep coming back to the question, “what if..?”. You might find this helpful too…

What if you knew what you wanted?
What if you knew the right stuff?
What if you knew all the right people?
What if you had enough?

What if you knew where to start?
And you knew where it will end?
What if you knew what is real?
And what is pretend?

What if you knew exactly who you are?
And where you should be?
What if you had no baggage?
What if you could be free?

What if dreams could come true?
What if yours are on their way?
What if that day is coming?
What if that day is today?

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